il Principino

Make-Up Kit.
I’m your prince!



il Principino

Once upon a time there was an adorable little frog, who was looking for its princess! Now it has turned into a make-up kit, so cute it will win you over. Inside, compact, easy to blend eyeshadows with a pigmented texture, lip gloss and cream lipstick for lacquer effect lips, plus a very handy mirror. A special, fairy tale gift! Go ahead and turn the little frog into a prince! 

Made in Italy Quality & Design

4 compact eyeshadows
1 applicator
1 lip cream
1 lip gloss

Eyes: apply the lighter shades of eyeshadow next to the tear duct and below the eyebrow arch to get highlights. Use the medium shades on the mobile eyelid and the darker one to intensify the tail of the eye and make it look optically longer. Use the brush that comes with the kit.
Lips: apply cream lip color all over your lips and a bit of gloss only at the center for a 3D volume effect.