la Principupa

Make-up Kit.
Waiting for a Prince!



la Principupa
la Principupa
la Principupa
la Principupa

Once upon a time there was a princess who was waiting for her prince and, in the meantime, she was making herself beautiful for him. The Principupa make-up kit is dedicated to the princess that lies in you! A complete kit that will help you be always gorgeous. All you need for a radiant face skin, magnetic eyes and perfect lips that are moisturized and nicely colored. It comes with a handy mirror for your on-the-go touch-ups. A wonderful gift! Get ready for your prince!

Made in Italy Quality & Design 

2 concealers
1 face powder
1 bronzer
1 cream blush
2 all overs
2 eye primers
8 compact eyeshadows
2 applicators for the eyes
1 eye pencil
1 lip balm
5 lip creams
5 lip glosses

Face: use concealer to minimize dark circles and small skin blemishes then set with face powder. Apply bronzer on cheekbones and face contours to enhance its features. Pick up a small quantity of blush with your fingertips and blend by tapping on cheekbones. Use the all over to create highlights on cheekbones, bridge of nose and Cupid’s bow. It is also perfect to illuminate the décolleté.
Eyes: apply primer and then eyeshadow. Use the lighter shades next to the tear duct and below the eyebrow arch to get highlights. Use the medium shades on the mobile eyelid and the darker ones to intensify the tail of the eye and make it look optically longer. Use the given applicator. With the eye pencil, line the upper lash line starting from the inner corner following the natural shape of the eye. The line can be either thick or thin, to your liking. To make your eyes look deeper, use the pencil as a kajal on the lower waterline.
Lips: apply lip balm to always have moisturized and soft lips.  Use the lip cream all over your lips and a bit of gloss only at the center for a 3D volume effect.