Pupart Large

Compact, big size palette. Make-up for beauty addicts.



Pupart Large

Open up your Pupart and choose your make-up look for the day. Inside this kit you will find all you need for a perfect and creative trendy make-up look. Are you feeling smokey or classic today? Choose the look you want! A radiant face skin with no blemishes, highlights are enhanced, cheeks look natural and luminous. A magnetic gaze and super colored, super shiny and always moisturized lips. The handy mirror is very useful for touch-ups, whenever you need them. Fantastic for you, perfect as a gift!

Made in Italy Quality & Design 

3 concealers
1 face powder
1 bronzer
1 cream blush
2 compact blushes
3 all overs
1 eye primer
20 compact eyeshadows
2 double applicators
16 cream lipsticks
12 lip glosses

Face: use concealer to correct dark circles around the eyes and small blemishes of the skin, then set with face powder. Apply bronzer on cheekbones and face contours to underline features. Pick up a small quantity of cream blush with the tip of your fingers and dab it on your cheeks blending up to the temples for a “bonne mine” effect. Apply compact blush on cheekbones and blend it upwards to the temples and back to define and sculpt the face. Use the all over to create highlights on cheekbones, bridge of nose and Cupid’s bow. You can also use it to illuminate the décolleté.
Eyes: apply primer and then eyeshadow in a light color next to the tear duct and below the eyebrow arch, to create highlights. Use medium nuances for the mobile eyelid and the darker ones to intensify the tail of the eye and make it look longer. Use the given applicator.
Lips: apply cream lipstick all over your lips and lip gloss only at the center for a 3D volume effect.