Gently cleanses the skin leaving it soft and beautifully scented. The Aromatherapy Oils released by the shower steam are energizing and revitalizing. It is ideal after physical activity and to give the right boost to your day. Its texture is fresh and comfortable, the contact with water makes it flow softly on your body for a moment of total wellness.

Dermatologist tested
Paraben Free

Made in Italy

The Coralline Alga Extract and the Orange Salt from Australia have revitalizing qualities. The Aromatherapy Oils of Orange, Lemon, Yellow Tangerine and Cardamom have an energizing function. The Matè Essential Oil is toning and revitalizing.

Dermatologist tested
Paraben Free

Massage the gel onto wet skin to form a delicate and soft foam, better if in the shower or bath, to get embraced by the warm steam of water. Breathe deeply to fully enjoy the beneficial effects of Aromatherapy Oils. Rinse alternating cold and warm water for a greater reinvigorating effect.

For a complete SPA treatment at home, follow this wellness ritual:

  1. Cleanse the skin with Shower Gel and enjoy the intense scents released by the Aromatherapy Oils.
  2. Use Salt Scrub twice a week, rub on wet skin, especially on those areas where skin is rougher. 
  3. Apply the soft and pleasant Body Cream.
  4. Generously spray Scented Water on your whole body to fully enjoy the beneficial aromatherapy qualities of the essential oils.