PUPA is inviting you to celebrate Christmas with an exclusive Advent Calendar. 24 unmissable surprises, contained in an elegant red and gold box: some of the brand's most loved make-up products, in special and full sizes, including the iconic Vamp! mascara, unique accessories, and much more! 

Make-Up Your Christmas
Are you ready to start the countdown to Christmas?
Enjoy a beauty surprise every day by opening the drawers of the box, which can be reused to organise your make-up products, or to store your jewellery and accessories.

Ideal if...
You love the festive season and want to treat yourself or to surprise someone with this totally unique gift!

Dimensions mm: w 290 x h 362 x d 55


1 All in One Eye Stylo
2 Sunset Blooming Tropical Blush
3 Double Sharpener
4 Vamp! Triple Use Eye Pencil - special size
5 Sexy Lips Gloss
6 Multi-layer Nail File
7 Effervescent Bath Tablet
8 I’m Matt Lipstick
9 Moisturizing Lip Mask
10 Unexpected Beauty Lip Gloss
11 Lasting Color Gel Nail Polish 
12 Vamp! Eyeshadow - special size
13 Effervescent Bath Tablet
14 Vamp! Definition Liner
15 Vamp! Ready-to-Shadow Eyeshadow
16 I’m Matt Candy Punk Lipstick
17 Candy Punk Lasting Color Gel Nail Polish 
18 Eyeshadow Applicator Kit - 6 Applicators 
19 Vamp! Eyeshadow - special size
20 Sexy Lips Scrub
21 Vamp! Eyeshadow - special size 
22 Mask to fight Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles
23 Candy Punk 3D Nail Polish
24 Vamp! Mascara