A wealth of products for complete face, eye and lip make-up. The concealer minimises small skin imperfections, the cream blush gives your face a natural effect and the compact blush sculpts it. The cream highlighter creates desirable light reflections, and the compact highlighter gives a pure light effect. The compact eyeshadows with a soft, pigmented and easy to blend texture allow you to create a buildable result and a unique look, while the cream ones intensify the make-up with delicate light effects. The eye primer is their ideal base and increases their hold. The shiny lip creams make the lips defined and radiant, and the classic lip cream with a melting texture coats them in flawless colour, while the matt lip cream allows you to obtain a sophisticated velvety effect and the nude one gives a totally natural colour and shine. The super-shiny gloss enhances the volume of your lips. 

Quality & Design Made in Italy

24M 20.8 g / Net Wt .73 oz

1 concealer
1 cream blush
1 cream highlighter
1 compact blush
1 compact highlighter

1 primer
5 compact eyeshadows
1 cream eyeshadow
1 applicator 

3 shiny lip creams 
1 classic lip cream
1 matt lip cream
1 nude lip cream
1 gloss

Use the concealer to minimise dark circles and skin imperfections. Apply the cream blush on your cheeks for a bonne mine effect, or the compact blush on your cheekbones, from the cheeks towards the temples and vice versa, to define and sculpt the face.
Apply the all-over cream highlighter to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid's bow to create gentle light reflections. Use the compact highlighter alone, or on top of the all-over cream highlighter for a pure light effect. 

Apply the primer and then the lighter eyeshadow near the corner of the eye and under the eyebrow arch to create attractive light reflections. Use the intermediate shades on the mobile eyelid. Intensify the flick with the darker shade to visually lengthen and define the eye. Use the cream eyeshadow in the corner or centre of your eye, or on the eyebrow arch, in small amounts to obtain desirable light reflections with a glow effect, or apply it underneath the other eyeshadows to intensify the colour and the make-up finish.

Apply the lip cream starting from the centre of your upper lip towards the corners and then repeat on the lower lip, this time starting from the corners and working towards the centre.
Choose your finish:
Shiny lip cream: for vibrant colour with a vinyl effect
Classic lip cream: for full colour and soft lips
Matt lip cream: for a sophisticated velvet effect
Nude lip cream: for a totally natural colour and shine
Apply the gloss after the lip cream, in the centre of your lips, for 3D volume. Apply it alone all over your lips to make them ultra-shiny.