Vamp! 100 – extra Black

This volume building mascara is revolutionary in performance and formula.
Get thick, full, super dense lashes with the dramatic look of false lashes, without the bother of wearing them. It is adjustable: you can create the effect you are looking for, stroke after stroke.
Texture is creamy, with a restructuring effect, and the sinuous wand, with soft, dense bristles was created by Pupa to pick up maximum product quantity and immediately release it generously and homogenously on lashes. Extrablack, plus 5 other colors available. 

Low risk of allergies
Ophthalmologist tested
Paraben free
Suitable for sensitive eyes and for people who wear contact lenses

Made in Italy

9 ml - Net Wt 0.32 oz

Skinny Liner

The ultra slim felt tip with an elongated shape enables you to draw extremely fine and precise lines.
It is perfect for intensifying the lash line and for recreating geometric strokes and graphic looks with high impact.

Low allergy risk
Ophthalmologically tested
Paraben free

1 ml - 0.034 fl oz

Clutch bag with metallic detail. Size in cm: w 22 x h 14.5


Its formula combines a Blend of Waxes with a special Polymer.
The Blend of waxes – natural-vegetable-synthetic – makes texture rich and creamy with a strong restructuring effect. The Polymer is a special film forming agent that increases mascara’s hold, minimizes smudging and, at the same time, makes lashes soft and flexible.

Skinny Liner

The water-based formulation dries quickly and ensures a fluid, lightweight texture with a super-adherent film.
The high percentage of pigments gives a pure, intense colour.


Full color application: start from the base of lashes and comb them with zigzag motions up to their tips. We suggest applying mascara with several strokes, going from one eye to the other, until you get the volume you are looking for. For that final touch, use the tip of applicator vertically.
French Mascara application: combine Vamp! Extrablack with a colored Vamp! Mascara, and apply this only on the tip of your lashes. 

Skinny Liner

Apply the eyeliner starting from the inner corner of your eye and working outwards.
Once the tip is resting on your eyelid it flexes slightly, allowing you to draw a very fine line.
When used in parallel with the lash line, it follows the natural shape of your eye perfectly and instantly draws a super-fine stroke that intensifies your lash line.

Store the product with the tip pointing downwards.