Fruit Lovers Kit III
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Fruit Lovers Kit III

Shower Milk and Scented Water, Fruit Lovers. The energy of organic fruit harnessed for your beauty.
200 ml / 6.76 fl oz - 100 ml E - 3.38 fl oz    |    Ref. 0B2T12A001

Bath and body products formulated with active ingredients taken from organic fruit for your skin's wellbeing: fragrance, colour and energy for total sensory pleasure!
The kit contains:

001 Enriched with organically farmed Avocado extract.

Properties: Protective And Antioxidant
Dermatologically tested

002 Enriched with organically farmed Papaya extract.
Properties: purifying and revitalising
Dermatologically tested

003 Enriched with organically farmed Bergamot extract.
Properties: energising and anti-pollution
Dermatologically tested.

004 Enriched with organically farmed Pomegranate extract.
Properties: hydrating and restorative
Dermatologically tested

Scented water to spray generously all over the body for a pleasant and intoxicating sensation.

Colourful and spacious, perfect for reusing as a container. Food safe.

12M / 36M 200 ml / 6.76 fl oz - 100 ml E - 3.38 fl oz

001 AVOCADO: Delicate and enveloping fragrance    
002 PAPAYA: Fresh and “thirst-quenching” fragrance
003 BERGAMOT: Fresh and energising fragrance
004 POMEGRANATE: Gentle and fruity fragrance SHAMPOO: fresh and citrusy