Sweets Lovers

The intoxicating scents of the American bakery, its saturated colours, and the opulence of its sweet and indulgent creams are the sweetest inspiration there is!

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  • Sweets Lovers Kit I

    Shower Milk Sweets Lovers a scented embrace for your moments of relaxation
    € 14,00
  • Sweets Lovers Kit II

    Body Milk Sweets Lovers a velvety and scented embrace for your skin
    € 15,00
  • Sweets Lovers Kit III

    Shower and Body Milk. The perfect kit for a moment of scented relaxation
    € 24,50
  • Sweets Lovers Kit IV

    Shower Milk and Scented Water. Two perfect products for enveloping yourself in a delicious scent
    € 23,50