Vamp! All in One 101 – Extra Black
Let yourself be won over by the multi-dimensional result of Vamp! All in One, for surprisingly volumised, lengthened and curled lashes straight away. A mascara with a fortifying treatment that promotes the natural growth of the lashes and strengthens them over time, helping them to be denser and thicker for an irresistible look.

90% notice that their lashes are more voluminous*
90% notice that their lashes are longer*
86% notice that their lashes are thicker*
83% notice that their lashes are stronger*

* Self-evaluation tests. Participants who experienced the effect. 30 individuals. 30 days of application.

Low allergy risk
Ophthalmologically tested
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
Paraben Free
Made in Italy

6M | Net Wt 0.30 oz - 9 ml

Lip Care Oil
A natural oil that instantly hydrates and nourishes the lips. The practical roll-on format releases a fine, lightweight film with a radiant transparent finish. A real beauty treatment for ultra-soft lips.

Dermatologically tested 
Paraben free
Made in Italy

18M | 0.32 fl oz – 9,5 ml

Mini beauty bag in hammered fabric.

Vamp! All in One
The highly structuring waxes envelop and intensify the lashes, making them thicker coat after coat, for spectacular volume. The combination of the natural gelling agents and the applicator allows you to obtain perfectly curled lashes. The special waxes and the film-forming agents create an incredible lengthening effect. The fortifying treatment stimulates the growth of the lashes and restructures them from within, making them progressively denser, thicker and more consistent, and increasing their natural volume and curve. The Cassie Wax with emollient and protective action makes the lashes more supple. The Loss-prevention Molecule supports the hair follicle for stronger lashes.

Lip Care Oil
The formula is rich in emollients and Rosehip Oil, which envelop the lips to provide softness and hydration, leaving them naturally radiant.

Vamp! All in One
Start from the base of the lashes and comb them lengthways with vertical movements, from the roots to the tips. For more intense volume, make zig zag movements at the base of the lashes. Use the tip of the applicator to also reach the shorter lashes. If you want to intensify your eyes further, apply mascara also on the lower lashes.

Lip Care Oil
Apply the treatment from the centre of the lips towards the corners, following the natural shape of your mouth, first on the upper lip and then the lower.
It glides easily onto the lips thanks to the handy roll-on format.