Kit Vamp! Forever & Wand Eraser
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Kit Vamp! Forever & Wand Eraser

The Forever version of the iconic mascara by Pupa Huge volume. Unbeatable hold. Perfect lashes, always. Removes make-up from face, eyes and lips
Mascara 0.30 fl oz - 9 ml | Wand Eraser 1.69 fl oz - 50 ml    |    Ref. 040481A001

Vamp! Forever
The iconic Vamp! mascara in an extraordinary Forever version for huge, exaggerated volume and unsurpassed smudge-proof hold. Perfect lashes, always!
The brush, which is curved with soft, dense fibres, picks up the maximum amount of product for ultra-generous, buildable and even volume.

Clinically and Ophthalmologically tested.
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
Paraben Free
Made in Italy

6M | Net Wt 0.30 oz - 9 ml

Wand Eraser – Special Size
Effectively removes waterproof and long-lasting make-up.  
Shake well before use so as to mix together the two phases.

Clinically and ophthalmologically tested.
Nickel tested
Paraben free
No animal derivatives
Made in Italy

9M | 1.69 fl oz – 50 ml

Clutch bag with woven pattern.

Mascara 6M | Wand Eraser 9M Mascara 0.30 fl oz - 9 ml | Wand Eraser 1.69 fl oz - 50 ml

Vamp! Forever
The unique blend of waxes and texturising agents ensures buildable volume, from intense to huge.   
The volatile agents guarantee very long hold for high resistance to water, sweat, high temperatures and humidity.
The film-formers fix the product on the lashes for an unaltered effect without smudging over time*.
The high percentage of extra black micro pigments guarantees an intense and instant colour release from the very first application.
The rich and creamy texture enhanced with Sweet Almond Oil, with hydrating properties, envelops the lashes without weighing them down, keeping them supple and flexible.

*Clinical test conducted on 30 volunteers.

Wand Eraser – Special Size
The highly moisturising and delicate Biofermented Corn Extract makes the Wand Eraser Two-Phase Make-up Remover incredibly gentle on the skin. It removes even the most stubborn make-up effectively.

Vamp! Forever
For optimal product release, slide the applicator up and down in the bottle twice.
Start from the base of your lashes and comb them with zig-zag movements down to the tips. It is advisable to apply the mascara repeatedly, moving from one eye to the other, to obtain the desired volume. For the final styling, use the applicator tip perpendicular to the lashes.
To remove the mascara, use the Two-phase Make-up Remover by Pupa.

Wand Eraser – Special Size
Shake well before use so as to mix together the two phases.
First remove your eye make-up, from the top downwards and from the inside outwards 
Then remove your lip make-up with a new cotton pad. Finally, remove your face make-up, with or without rinsing.