Glow Obsession

Glow Obsession is the Pupa collection that celebrates the light on your face. Objective: to enhance the skin’s natural splendour!

The complexion is enhanced by touches of light, the facial features are extraordinarily accentuated by a glowing finish for a unique three-dimensionality. The proposal welcomes three products with three innovative textures that translate into three different finishes: the common denominator is total radiance. The products are differentiated by the degree of intensity that they reach in terms of make-up result.

5 displayed products
  • Glow Obsession Compact Blush Highlighter

    Compact Blush Highlighter - Metallic Effect
    € 17,00
  • NEW
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    Sun Glow Compact Highlighter

    Pure Light Effect All Over Compact Highlighter
    € 21,50
  • Glow Obsession Compact Face Cream Highlighter

    Compact Face Cream Highlighter - Diffused Light Effect
    € 20,50
  • Glow Obsession Fluid Face Highlighter

    Fluid Face Highlighter - Radiant Effect
    € 20,50
  • NEW
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    Sun Glow Liquid Highlighter

    Metallic Effect All Over Liquid Highlighter
    € 21,50