Sunny Afternoon

A romantic collection that tells the tale of a sunny late spring afternoon where mind and body are basking in the rays of sunshine and the colours of the wildflowers.

Romantic shades of pink are warmed by a golden glow that embellishes the range and makes it timeless. 
A chromatic palette that opens up to elegant shades and gives voice to a collection inspired by the colours of nature and flowers. 

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  • NEW
    Go to product: Miss Pupa Gloss

    Miss Pupa Gloss

    Ultra shiny gloss, immediate volume effect.
    € 18,50
  • NEW
    Go to product: Caring & Priming Face Oil

    Caring & Priming Face Oil

    Highlighting Face Elixir Oil with Flower Petals.
    € 22,00
  • NEW
    Go to product: Sunny Afternoon Eyes Palette

    Sunny Afternoon Eyes Palette

    Palette of 10 multi-finish eyeshadows.
    € 24,90
  • NEW
    Go to product: Fix & Lift Eyebrow Styler

    Fix & Lift Eyebrow Styler

    Transparent Eyebrow Gel – Strong Setting Power – Long Hold
    € 18,00
  • NEW
    Go to product: Sunny Afternoon Highlighter

    Sunny Afternoon Highlighter

    Face highlighting powder
    € 20,50
  • NEW
    Go to product: Lasting Color Gel

    Lasting Color Gel

    Glass effect nail polish.
  • NEW
    Go to product: True Lips

    True Lips

    True Lips - Blendable Lip Contour Pencil. Lip contour pencil with intense ultra-pigmented colour.
    € 19,00