Winter Blooming

A stroll among the unexpected colours and scents of autumn and winter blooms for an elegant and sophisticated colour and olfactory range.

Make-up and skincare products with innovative and sensory textures enhanced by enveloping olfactory notes. A modern Eau de Toilette that evokes a rich floral bouquet, whose dominant notes of rose are also found in the lip, face and hand products.
A refined colour palette of delicate shades warmed by golden reflections to enhance the facial features, revive the complexion and give you a radiant appearance.

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Available Colours

  • Winter Blooming Nail Polish

    Delicately rose-scented nail polish.
    € 7,70 € 5,39
    -30% SALE
  • Winter Blooming Petalips

    Delicately rose-scented soft matt lipstick.
    € 17,50 € 12,25
    -30% SALE
  • Winter Blooming Eau de Toilette 15 ml

    Eau de Toilette.
    € 12,90 € 9,03
    -30% SALE
  • Winter Blooming Multiplay

    Triple purpose eye pencil: eyeliner, eyeshadow, kajal.
    € 17,00 € 11,90
    -30% SALE
  • Winter Blooming Highlighter Blush

    Highlighting blush delicately scented with rose.
    € 19,50 € 13,65
    -30% SALE