VAMP! DEFINITION LINER, by Pupa, is the perfect waterproof eyeliner: a defined and intense line that is water resistant with unbeatable and long lasting hold, no smudging guaranteed. The felt tip is perfect to apply liner in a homogeneous and flawless way.
Its texture is fluid and dries quickly, perfectly clinging to eyelids.
4 glossy colors with 2 finish types: shiny and pearly.

Low risk of allergies
Ophthalmologist tested
Paraben free

The innovative Film Forming ingredient is extremely plastic and shiny, guaranteeing a line with  bright color and a glossy effect.

Low risk of allergies
Ophthalmologist tested
Paraben free

Shake your eyeliner well before use to perfectly blend pigments.
To make application easy, keep applicator parallel to the base of lashes.
Draw a line on the base of lashes starting from the inner corner of the eye going outwards, keeping the tip of eyeliner pointed towards the tear duct.
Follow the natural shape of the eye to draw a neat line.
To remove eyeliner, use the Two-Phase Make-Up Remover, by Pupa

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