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Promotion valid from 15 February.


22 displayed products
  • Timeless Plus Prebiotic Wrinkle Cream

    Nourishes, firms, reduces wrinkles. 98% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 30,00
  • Timeless Early Signs Prebiotic Cream

    Nourishes the skin and fights the first signs of aging. 94% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 25,00
  • Elastin Shots Antigravity Serum

    Firms and plumps. 94% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 22,00
  • Skin Rehab Prebiotic Moisturizing Cream

    Hydrates and protects. 96% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 22,00
  • Deep Recovery Continuous Hydration Mask

    Moisturises deep down. 97% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 22,00
  • Hyalu Shots Deep Moisturizing Serum

    Hydrates deep down. 95% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 22,00
  • Smog No More Shots Anti-Pollution Serum

    Protects from smog and hydrates. 97% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 22,00
  • Smog No More Face Cleansing Cream

    Cleanses, exfoliates, protects from smog. 90% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 13,50
  • Wand Eraser Solid Make-up Remover

    Removes face and eye make-up. 89% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 8,50
  • Wand Eraser Two-Phase Make-up Remover

    Removes make-up from face, eyes and lips
    € 19,50
  • Purity Power Enzymatic Exfoliating Powder

    Exfoliates and smoothes. 94% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 16,50
  • Glow Essence Illuminating Tonic Lotion

    Exfoliates, smoothes, brightens, hydrates. 89% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 19,00
  • All In One Moisturizing Cream 1000 Uses

    Face - Body - Hands. 95% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 22,00
  • limited edition
    Go to product: Volumizing Lip and Contour

    Volumizing Lip and Contour

    Super-sexy lips with a defined contour.
    € 20,50

    Make-up remover wipes for face, eyes and lips, with almond oil.
    € 4,90
  • limited edition
    Go to product: Cheekbone Volumizing 3D Effect

    Cheekbone Volumizing 3D Effect

    Cheekbones look sculpted and incredibly volumised.
    € 22,50
  • Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

    Effectively removes make-up from the sensitive eye area.
    € 11,90
  • Two-Phase Make-Up Remover 50 ml

    Effective and gentle on your face skin.
    € 5,90

    Face and Eyes. Removes every trace of make-up. Also suitable for sensitive skin.
    € 3,90
  • Gentle Toning Lotion 50ml

    Face. Perfects your facial cleansing. Also suitable for sensitive skin.
    € 3,90