Intensive nourishing and restorative treatment that helps very dry skin to restore its natural hydro-lipid balance, regaining protection and comfort.
Its texture is a rich and melting balm, the oily phase nourishes and, at the same time, is quickly absorbed without leaving your skin greasy.
With daily use, you can prevent problems linked to dryness and ensure that your skin is always soft, nourished and radiant.

For very dry skin
Low allergy risk
Dermatologically tested

Produced in Italy

12M 400 ml / 13.5 fl oz

Its formula contains shea butter, with emollient and restorative properties, to enrich your skin; avocado oil, with emollient and regenerating properties, which increases hydration, elasticity and smoothness; silk proteins which form a thin, invisible film on your skin with a moisturising and protective effect.

Perfect for very dry and dehydrated skin. Apply the balm all over your body, preferably after cleansing, focusing particularly on the drier and rougher areas. Ideal all year round as a daily body treatment.