Kit Sos Mask
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Kit Sos Mask

A beauty routine for skin stressed from prolonged use of masks.
Ref. 0T2S04A001

Is your skin stressed from using masks? 

A cleansing fluid that effectively moisturises, protects and soothes. 
Formulated with a prebiotic active ingredient, it strengthens the skin barrier, effectively cleanses without weakening the skin’s hydrolipidic film, removes light make-up and restores hydration and nourishment.

A pre-mask cream with prebiotic and postbiotic that acts as a shield by intensely moisturising. Restores the natural skin barrier by re-establishing the physiological skin microbiota.

A post-mask cream, reepithelising and restorative, formulated with precious natural oils and butters, a blend of prebiotics that strengthen the skin barrier and Centella Asiatica extract known for its restructuring and soothing properties.

Clinically and dermatologically tested
Mask tested formula
Made in Italy