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A line of essential treatment products, in handy travel sizes. Ideal to take away in your suitcase, so you no longer have to sacrifice your skincare routine when on the road.

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  • Pupa Care For Yourself Handwash Spray with Sanitizer 50 ml

    A fresh and light solution to cleanse and sanitise your hands in the absence of water.
    € 8,00
  • Pupa Care For Yourself Handwash Gel with Sanitizer 100 ml

    A fresh gel to cleanse and sanitise your hands in the absence of water.100 ml.
    € 8,00
  • Pupa Care For Yourself Rebalancing Hand Cream 75 ml

    Soothing and emollient hand cream designed to help restore the natural skin barrier.
    € 12,00
  • Pupa Care For Yourself Hand Oil 30 ml

    A concentrate of oils and active ingredients of natural origin for an intensive treatment.
    € 13,00
  • Handwash Gel

    No-rinse hand cleansing gel
    € 4,50
  • Miss Princess Body and Hair Scented Water

    The pleasure of a delicate and embracing fragrance.
    € 17,50

    SPA wellness, at home.
    € 3,90

    Face, Eyes and Lips. Gently removes all traces of make-up
    € 4,90
  • Multifunction Moisturizing Cream

    Super moisturizing cream for body, face, hand and hair. One product, a thousand uses
    € 4,90
  • Lip Balm

    Lips are hydrated, soft and radiant.
    € 4,50
  • Moisturising Hand Cream

    Emollient and moisturising hand cream. Available in three fragrances.
    € 4,90
  • Two-Phase Make-Up Remover 50 ml

    Effective and gentle on your face skin.
    € 5,90
  • Scented Water Soothing Moisturizing - PUPA Milano
    +2 variants

    Scented Water - 100 ml

    Dermatologically-tested body water available in different fragrances and properties.
    € 12,50
  • Peel-Off Brightening Mask

    Peel-off mask with Colloidal Gold. The facial skin is radiant.
    € 3,90
  • Sugar Drops Scented Shower Milk - PUPA Milano
    +1 variants

    Scented Shower Milk

    An enveloping olfactory atmosphere in the steam of the shower.
    € 3,90

    Exfoliating scrub for the face, neck and décolletage. Gently removes impurities and restores brightness to the skin.
    € 5,90
  • Regenerating Peeling Mask

    Exfoliating rinse-off mask. The facial skin is revitalised and radiant.
    € 3,90
  • Effervescent Bath Tablet

    Enjoy a scented and relaxing bath.
    € 1,90
  • Multifunction Nourishing Cream

    Body, face, hands and lips. One product, a thousand uses
  • Rebalancing Green Clay Mask

    Rebalancing clay mask. The facial skin is mattified.
    € 3,90