Body Milk

Your skin is always soft and fresh with the Pupa body milks! Set of body milks to pamper yourself and give special treatments to your body. Choose from the many products suitable for all skin types and needs.

5 displayed products
  • Anti Fatigue Legs Spray 200 ml

    Invigorating cold effect anti-fatigue spray.
    € 20,00
  • Body Milk

    Body milk.
    € 14,50
  • Fruit Lovers Body Milk

    The energy of organic fruit harnessed for your beauty.
    € 11,50
  • Wellness Body Spray 200 ml

    Vital energy spray fluid.
    € 20,00
  • Moisturizing Spray Fluid 200 ml

    Zen harmony Spray Fluid.
    € 20,00