An after-sun milk that gives immediate relief to the skin after sun exposure.
It moisturizes, refreshes and minimizes flaking, getting skin ready for further sun bathing.
Its active ingredient sets the suntan on the skin, making it last longer.
It gets absorbed quickly.
Result: skin is fresh and moisturized, and the suntan is homogeneous and long lasting.
Use also as an S.O.S. pack for particularly reddened areas.

Low risk of allergies
Dermatologist tested
Paraben free

Made in Italy

The exclusive Sun Optimizer active ingredient stimulates melanin production and makes suntan last longer. Almond Oil has a nourishing and softening function and Oat Extract is soothing.

Low risk of allergies
Dermatologist tested
Paraben free

Apply daily on clean face and body skin, after sun exposure for immediate relief. Use it as an S.O.S. pack, by applying it generously on reddened areas.
Keep using it even after sun exposure period is over, to prolong your suntan.  

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