A tanning milk that moisturizes the skin and protects it from drying effects of sun, wind and salt. For an intense suntan that lasts, thanks to the melanin stimulator it contains. For all those of you who love to get a golden and homogeneous suntan, in a safe way. Very light on the skin, it gets absorbed quickly and application is easy and fast. Water resistant.

SPF 15 medium protection UVB UVA
Low risk of allergies
Dermatologist tested
Paraben free

Made in Italy

Melastim Tech, the exclusive melanin stimulator, gets evenly distributed on every layer of the skin, so that getting a suntan is much quicker and the golden glow lasts for long.

Shake well before use. Apply generously on face and body before sun exposure. Reapply frequently to maintain protection, especially in case of sweating or after taking a swim. If you don’t apply it often, the level of protection will decrease.