Viva Magenta, Pantone's colour of 2023

The Viva Magenta trend has taken over the make-up world: here’s everything you need to know

 Perfect for any season thanks to a versatile and balanced mix of warm and cold tones. Similar to cochineal, one of nature’s most precious pigments, Viva Magenta is ideal for communicating strength and exuberance!

Enhance your look with Viva Magenta!

How can you use it in your Beauty Routine?

Viva Magenta really shines in monochromatic make-up looks.
Perfect for a vibrant manicure or illuminating eyeshadow, full colour for rock vibes, blended to be more romantic and in bold lines if you're feeling experimental.  
Viva Magenta on lips and cheeks for any occasion and any skin tone: in contrast with porcelain skin and in harmony with darker or golden skin tones.

2023 is the perfect year for it!