Daily beauty treats with Pupa wellbeing treatments. Scrubs, shower gels, scented waters and many more products to care for your body and skin, suitable for all skin types, for immediate softness and beauty.

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  • Eau De Parfum Red Queen 50 ml - PUPA Milano
    +2 variants

    Eau De Parfum Red Queen 50 ml

    Eau de Parfum, available in several fragrances, the ideal perfume for a modern, sophisticated and elegant woman.
    € 34,90

    SPA wellness, at home.
    € 3,90
  • Miss Princess Body and Hair Scented Water - PUPA Milano
    +2 variants

    Miss Princess Body and Hair Scented Water

    The pleasure of a delicate and embracing fragrance.
    € 17,50
  • Reshaping Salt Scrub - PUPA Milano
    +2 variants

    Salt Scrub

    SPA wellness, at home.
    € 17,50
  • Gentle exfoliating scrub

    It gently eliminates impurities, and skin regains its luminosity.
    € 15,00
  • Shower Gel

    Cleansing: the first step of a very pleasant wellness ritual.
    € 11,30
  • Effervescent Bath Tablet

    Enjoy a scented and relaxing bath.
    € 1,90
  • Shower Oil

    Daily cleansing turns into a polysensorial ritual for body and mind.
    € 15,50