Make-Up Kit + Clutch

Must-have eye products in contemporary clutches made of delicate and elegant suede, and a modern metallic fabric.

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  • Kit Vamp! Sexy Lashes & Vamp! Stylo Liner

    Draw a line on the base of lashes, starting from the inner corner going outwards, so that is looks harmonious with the natural shape of the eye.
    € 28,90
  • Kit Vamp! Exsplosive & Stylo Liner

    Vamp! Explosive Lashes Shameless volume. Explosive lashes. Eyeliner marker for an intense and extra black line.
    € 28,90
  • Vamp! Mascara Gold Edition

    Pupa’s iconic mascara embellished with an “essential pochette”. Exaggerated lashes, with oversize volume.
    € 18,50
  • Kit Vamp! Forever & Made To Last Liner

    The Forever version of the iconic mascara by Pupa Huge volume. Unbeatable hold. Perfect lashes, always. Eyeliner waterproof tenue extrême.
    € 28,90