• I'M

    Pure, intense color and absolute brightness.

    Available in 54 variants
  • I'M MATT

    Pure Colour Lipstick - Total Matt.
    Available in 16 variants

    Pure Metal Effect Lipstick – Total Radiance.
    Available in 8 variants
  • Sport Addicted Balm Lip Balm

    Lips are soft, protected and radiant, even during sport.

    Available in 3 variants
  • Miss Pupa

    Ultra bright, crystal effect lipstick.

    Available in 42 variants
  • Made To Last Lip Duo

    Liquid lipcolor with top coat. Waterproof. Long lasting hold.

    Available in 12 variants

Lip Glosses

  • Metal Lip Fluid

    Pure Metal Effect Lip Gloss
  • Miss Pupa Gloss

    Ultra shiny gloss, immediate volume effect.

    Available in 18 variants

Lip Pencils

  • Duo Lips Twist Up

    Luminous Lipstick & Lip Pencil
    Available in 2 variants

    True Lips - Blendable Lip Contour Pencil.
    Lip contour pencil with intense ultra-pigmented colour.

    Available in 20 variants

    Pure Colour Lip Pencil.
    Available in 8 variants
  • Made to Last Definition Lips

    Extreme hold automatic lip pencil. Waterproof.

    Available in 12 variants


  • Lip Brush

    Specifically designed to blend lip liner and to apply lipstick and gloss.


  • Made to Last Lip Tint Long Lasting Lip Tint Waterproof

    Lip tint with long-lasting, waterproof “indelible effect” colour.

    Available in 8 variants