Minimising imperfections and having perfect facial skin is no longer a problem with the Pupa foundation line. Choose the best foundation for your face from covering, brightening, liquid, powder, compact and many more, designed for your every need.

  • Extreme Matt Foundation - PUPA Milano
    +6 variants

    Extreme Matt Foundation

    Natural matt effect.
    € 26,00
  • Wonder Me Fluid Foundation - PUPA Milano
    +7 variants

    Wonder Me Fluid Foundation

    Instant perfection foundation; total lightness and waterproof.
    € 25,20
  • Extreme Cover Foundation - PUPA Milano
    +5 variants

    Extreme Cover Foundation

    High coverage, zero imperfections.
    € 28,00
  • Active Light -  Light Activating Foundation - PUPA Milano
    +6 variants

    Active Light - Light Activating Foundation

    Light activating fluid foundation. Perfect and luminous skin.
    € 26,00
  • Made to Last Foundation - PUPA Milano
    +6 variants

    Made to Last Foundation

    Extreme hold fluid foundation, for absolute comfort.
    € 25,20
  • Ultra Smoothing Foundation

    Long-lasting fluid foundation for smooth skin
    € 21,00
  • Like a Doll Fluid - PUPA Milano
    +1 variants

    Like a Doll Fluid

    Perfecting make up fluid, naked skin effect.
    € 25,00
  • Extreme Bronze Foundation SPF 15 UVA/UVB

    Tanning compact cream foundation with skin perfecting effect. Water resistant.
    € 23,00