A touch of ultra-radiant colour for your face make-up with the Pupa blushes. Cream, powder, sticks and many other blushes with different textures, shades and shimmering shades.

  • Coconut Lovers Blush&Bronze

    Compact bronzer and blush.
    € 20,50
  • Extreme Blush Duo

    Compact blush with a dual effect.
    € 22,00
  • Multi-talent Lipstick + Blush

    2-in-1 lipstick and blush
    € 17,50
  • Extreme Blush Radiant

    Compact blush with a radiant effect.
    € 17,90
  • Extreme Blush Glow

    Compact blush with a highlighting effect.
    € 17,90
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    Sweet Meringue Blush

    Scented blush
    € 19,00
  • Extreme Blush Matt - PUPA Milano
    +2 variants

    Extreme Blush Matt

    Compact blush with a natural effect.
    € 17,90
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