Specific and high performance cosmetic treatments: face and body creams to suit all skin types. Products are studied and tested in Pupa’s laboratories and made according to very high quality standards.

  • Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

    Effectively removes make-up from the sensitive eye area.
    € 11,90

    Exfoliating scrub for the face, neck and décolletage. Gently removes impurities and restores brightness to the skin.
    € 5,90

    Daily hydration treatment for face&neck. Normal-combination skin.
    € 19,90
  • Age Revolution Firming Plumping Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF 15 - Face and Neck

    Anti-wrinkle treatment with intense action. The skin is firmer, more replenished and redensified.
    € 28,50

    Skin is replenished and smooth in 15 minutes.
    € 5,70
  • Age Revolution Anti-Wrinkle Redensifying Cream Lip and Eye Contour

    Redensifying Anti-Wrinkle Cream for the eye and lip contour
    € 19,00
  • Two-Phase Make-Up Remover 50 ml

    Effective and gentle on your face skin.
    € 5,90
  • Super Moisturizing Cream Body, Face, Hands, Hair

    Super moisturizing cream. One product, a thousand uses.
    € 21,00

    Skin is purified and rebalanced in 15 minutes.
    € 5,70
  • Age Revolution 3D Lifting Repositioning Serum - Face and Neck

    Title Age Revolution Lifting Repositioning 3D Serum - Face and Neck
    € 26,50

    The eye contour and nasolabial folds are smoothed.
    € 5,70
  • Smoothing Msk Peel-Off

    Mask with a holographic effect. Ideal for dry and stressed skin.
    € 15,50
  • Breast Patch Enhancing and Firming

    Lipo-replenishing and toning action: fuller, rounder and firmer breasts. 1cm increase in 8 weeks* with just 2 applications per week.
    € 52,00
  • Age Revolution Skin Perfecting Cream First Signs of Ageing - Face and Neck

    Face treatment to prevent the first wrinkles and restore energy to the skin.
    € 19,50
  • Pupa Care For Yourself Handwash Gel with Sanitizer 100 ml

    A fresh gel to cleanse and sanitise your hands in the absence of water.100 ml.
    € 8,00
  • NEW
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    Eau De Parfum Vamp! Black 50 ml

    Vamp! Black 50 ml perfume with a bold and rock 'n' roll fragrance.
    € 38,00
  • Pupa Care For Yourself Hand Oil 30 ml

    A concentrate of oils and active ingredients of natural origin for an intensive treatment.
    € 13,00
  • Pupa Care For Yourself Handwash Spray with Sanitizer 50 ml

    A fresh and light solution to cleanse and sanitise your hands in the absence of water.
    € 8,00
  • Handwash Gel

    No-rinse hand cleansing gel
    € 4,50
  • NEW
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    Eau De Parfum Vamp! Red 100 ml

    Vamp! Red 100 ml perfume with an irreverent and sensual fragrance.
    € 51,00