• Eye Primer

    Smoothing & Fixing Eye Primer.
  • Brightening Eye Primer

    Brightening make up eye primer


  • Vamp! Waterproof Mascara

    Pupa’s iconic mascara in its waterproof version.

  • Vamp! Extreme Mascara

    Pupa’s iconic mascara, here in its Extreme version. Immediate extreme volume, with a dramatic effect.

    Available in 6 variants
  • Ultraflex

    For long and curved lashes: it captures and lifts lashes without weighing them down. 

  • Vamp! Definition Mascara

    The iconic Pupa mascara, in its new version. The goal is: definition.
    Oversize volume, lashes are well separated and defined. 

  • Vamp! Mascara Top Coat Gold

    Lashes embellished with flecks of pure gold.

  • Vamp! Mascara and Vamp! Stylo Liner

    The perfect kit for eyes that take centre stage.

Eye Pencils

  • Multiplay

    Triple purpose eye pencil: eyeliner, eyeshadow, kajal.

    Available in 27 variants
  • Easy Liner Eyes - Eye Pencil Khol

    Kajal Eye Pencils.

    Available in 30 variants
  • Made to Last Definition Eyes

    Extremely long-lasting automatic eye pencil. Waterproof.

    Available in 24 variants
  • Sport Addicted Waterproof Liner - Sweat and Water Resistant Eye Pencil

    Intense, long-lasting and sport-proof eye make-up!

    Available in 4 variants
  • Multiplay

    Triple Use Eye Pencil
    Available in 2 variants
  • True Eyes

    Precise Eyeliner Pencil.

    Available in 3 variants


  • Wing Liner

    Angled Tip Eyeliner Pen - Perfect Flick.
  • Vamp! Definition Liner Waterproof

    Waterproof extreme hold Eyeliner with felt applicator.

  • Vamp! Duo Liner

    Metallic Effect Eyeliner Duo - Gold and Black.

  • Vamp! Definition Liner

    Eyeliner with felt applicator and matt and pearly finishes.

    Available in 6 variants
  • Roll Liner

    Eyeliner with Roller Applicator - Fast and Controlled Stroke.
  • Jumbo Liner

    Maxi Eyeliner Pen - Thick or Thin Stroke.


  • Holo Eyeshadow

    Holographic Effect Eyeshadow – Long-lasting - Waterproof
    Available in 2 variants
  • Vamp! Compact Duo eyeshadow

    Compact Duo eyeshadow, pure color, great color payoff.

    Available in 12 variants
  • Made to Last Wateproof Eyeshadow

    Stick eyeshadow, for extreme hold.

    Available in 12 variants
  • Vamp! Wet&Dry Eyeshadow

    Luminous baked eyeshadow, double use: wet and dry.

    Available in 23 variants
  • Made to Last Liquid Eyeshadow

    Metallic Reflection Liquid Eyeshadow – Long-lasting – Waterproof
    Available in 12 variants
  • 3D Metal Eyeshadow

    Metallic Eyeshadow – Extreme Radiance
    Available in 3 variants


  • Eyebrow Fixing Gel Transparent Eyebrow Fixing Gel

    Transparent Eyebrow Fixing Gel.

  • True Eyebrow Pencil Total Fill Eyebrow Pencil-Long Lasting - Waterproof

    Full Effect Eyebrow Pencil - Long-lasting - Waterproof.

    Available in 4 variants
  • Eyebrow Intense Powder Intensifying Eyebrow Powder

    Intensifying Eyebrow Powder.

    Available in 4 variants
  • Eyebrow Pencil

    Waterproof eyebrow pencil for a natural result.

    Available in 4 variants
  • Eyebrow Plumping Gel

    Thickening and fixing eyebrow gel.

    Available in 3 variants
  • Eyebrow Design Set

    Your professional eyebrow kit.
    All you need, to have perfect eyebrows. 

    Available in 3 variants

Eye Palettes

  • Make Up Stories Palette

    10 Multi-Finish Eyeshadows
    Available in 4 variants
  • Pupart - Eyeshadow Palette

    The eye make-up of make-up artists. Compact eyeshadows in 9 coordinated colors.

    Available in 8 variants


  • Eye Shader Brush

    Specifically designed to blend eyeshadows and pencils in a precise way.

  • Eyeliner and Eyebrow Brush

    Specifically designed to line eye contours.

  • Eye Base Brush

    Specifically designed to apply compact, baked, powder and cream eyeshadows.

  • Pencil Sharpener

    Double sharpener with blade cleaner.

  • Eye Blending Brush

    Specifically designed to blend compact, baked and powder eyeshadows.