Enhancing light reflections on your face and creating dramatic or natural make-up is possible with the Pupa highlighters. Cream, powder, stick, liquid and gel highlighters with unique and irresistible shades.

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  • limited edition
    Go to product: Sunset Blooming Highlighter & Blush

    Sunset Blooming Highlighter & Blush

    Blush and Highlighter – Colour and Light Reflections
  • Extreme Gold Highlighter

    Pure Light Effect Baked Highlighter.
  • Glow Obsession Compact Highlighter

    Compact All Over Highlighter – Pure Light Effect
  • limited edition
    Go to product: Unexpected Beauty Highlighter

    Unexpected Beauty Highlighter

    Face Highlighter with Precious Tinting Speckles
  • Exteme Gold Sparkling All Over

    Face and Body Shimmering Effect Gel.
  • Glow Obsession Liquid Highlighter

    Liquid All Over Highlighter – Metallic Effect
  • Glow Obsession Stick Highlighter

    Stick All Over Highlighter – Diffused Light Effect