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Are stress, poor nutrition, pollution and many other factors making your skin dry and dehydrated? No problem, Pupa will take care of you! Choose the most suitable body cream for you and make your skin soft and voluptuous in record time.

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  • Super Nourishing Cream Body, Face, Hands, Lips

    Body, face, hands and lips. One product, a thousand uses.
    € 20,50
  • Rescue Concentrate

    Repairing concentrate, for when your skin is in need.
    € 20,50
  • Super Moisturizing Cream Body, Face, Hands, Hair

    Super moisturizing cream. One product, a thousand uses.
    € 21,00
  • Body Cream

    Brown Alga Extract.Just one simple, fulfilling step for a total feeling of wellness.
    € 15,00 € 10,50
    -30% SALE
  • Creamy Body Butter

    Butter cream.
    € 15,00 € 12,00
    -20% SALE