Mascara is the essential accessory for your eyes. Volumising, lengthening and waterproof mascara for long and sensational lashes, for an amplified, natural or explosive look by Pupa.

  • Vamp! Mascara Forever

    The Forever version of the iconic mascara by Pupa. Huge volume. Unbeatable hold. Perfect lashes, always.
    € 19,50
  • Vamp! All in One Mascara

    Spectacular volume - Perfect curve - Inimitable length with fortifying treatment.
    € 19,50
  • Vamp! Mascara Sexy Lashes

    Bold volume. Curvy effect.
    € 19,50
  • Vamp! Definition Mascara

    The PUPA mascara for separated and defined lashes with huge volume.
    € 18,50
  • Vamp! Mascara - PUPA Milano
    +2 variants

    Vamp! Mascara

    Pupa’s iconic mascara. Exaggerated lashes, with oversize volume. The best seller in perfume shops.
    € 18,50
  • Vamp! Waterproof Mascara

    Pupa’s mascara in its waterproof version.
    € 18,50
  • Sport Addicted Waterproof Mascara - Sweat and Water Resistant

    Flawless eyes during every kind of sport, even the most extreme.
    € 19,50
  • Vamp! Explosive Lashes Mascara

    Shameless volume. Explosive lashes.
    € 19,50
  • Vamp! Extreme Mascara

    Immediate extreme volume, with a dramatic effect.
    € 19,50