Each face has its own base make-up by Pupa. A variety of face primers: smoothing, brightening, mattifying and of natural origin, suitable for any type of skin, to make it perfect and flawless.

  • Caring & Priming Face Oil

    Highlighting Face Elixir Oil with Flower Petals.
    € 22,00
  • Setting Powder

    Setting and mattifying transparent powder.
    € 25,20
  • Perfecting Face Primer

    Pre make-up face base, all skin types.
    € 25,20
  • Mattifying and Pore Minimising Face Primer

    Pre make-up face base, oily combination skin.
    € 25,20
  • Natural Side Face Primer

    Smoothing Face Primer 98.5% Ingredients of Natural Origin
    € 24,00
  • Corrective Face Primer

    Pre make-up face base, anti-redness.
    € 25,20
  • Sun Days Anti Pollution Primer

    Perfectionist Anti-Pollution Face Primer SPF 30 UVA UVB.
    € 19,50