Your skin has never been so smooth and soft. The anti-aging line by Pupa with creams, masks, serums and many more products allows you to prevent early wrinkles and give your facial skin new beauty and elasticity.

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  • Timeless Early Signs Prebiotic Cream

    Nourishes the skin and fights the first signs of aging. 94% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 24,00
  • Timeless Plus Prebiotic Wrinkle Cream

    Nourishes, firms, reduces wrinkles. 98% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 29,00
  • Elastin Shots Antigravity Serum

    Firms and plumps. 94% naturally-derived ingredients
    € 21,00

    The eye contour and nasolabial folds are smoothed.
    € 5,70

    Skin is replenished and smooth in 15 minutes.
    € 5,90