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Waterproof, long-lasting and full-colour like a lipstick, or transparent anti-smudge. Try the Pupa lip pencils for an ultra-defined lip contour

Easy Liner Lips - Lip Pencil

A pencil with a soft texture and an extremely smooth-gliding precise line.
€ 12,50

Vamp! Lip Pencil

Waterproof 2 in 1 pencil: lips and lip contour.
€ 21,00

Made to Last Definition Lips

Extreme hold automatic lip pencil, waterproof.
€ 19,50

Dreamscape Vamp! Lip Pencil

2 in 1 lip and lip contour pencil
€ 21,00


True Lips - Blendable Lip Contour Pencil. Lip contour pencil with intense ultra-pigmented colour.
€ 20,00

Transparent Lip Liner

Clear Anti-Feather Lip Liner.
€ 16,00