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Discover the scented waters for the body by Pupa: many fragrances suitable for all skin types and perfect for any occasion.

Anti-stress Scented Body Water

An elixir of flowers, spices and woods.
€ 14,90

Anti-Fatigue Scented Body Water

With bamboo extract for an all-natural aromatherapy experience.
€ 14,90

Toning Scented Body Water

With floral and woody notes
€ 14,90

Fruit Lovers Scented Water

Scented Water, Fruit Lovers. The energy of organic fruit harnessed for your beauty.
€ 15,50

Antistress Scented Water 150 ml

Scented water with cornflower extract.
€ 21,00

Body Mist 150 ml

Invigorating cold effect scented water.
€ 20,00