Inspired by the world of fabrics such as cotton, cashmere and silk, and by pastel colours, the Beauty Salon Kits are perfect to take everywhere with you, especially on a trip. Body products suitable for all types of skin, characterised by delicate fragrances.
Scented Shower Milk: with a creamy and lightweight texture, it cleanses the skin gently. Dermatologically tested.
Scented Body Milk: with a rich and soft texture, it moisturises the skin, making it silky and velvety. Dermatologically tested.
Make-up Bag: light, colourful and spacious. Its size makes it perfect to take everywhere with you, even on a trip.

001 - Cashmere: warm and enveloping perfume.

002 - Cotton: fresh and delicate fragrance.

003 - Silk: feminine and sensual fragrance.