A professional palette dedicated to eye, lip and face make-up. Concealers, blushes and compact eyeshadows with a silky feel for an infinite number of different looks. Lip creams with a shiny and classic finish and gloss for ultra-radiant lips, matt lip creams to coat your lips with a full and deep colour.

Back to red, Naturally sexy, Good vibes and Glamour artist: 4 versions to create the perfect make-up every day!

Quality & Design Made in Italy


4 concealers
1 compact blush


1 primer
15 compact eyeshadows
1 double applicator for eyes and lips


4 matt lip creams
4 classic lip creams
4 shiny lip creams
4 glosses

Use the concealer to minimise dark circles and small skin imperfections and then the blush for a perfect, natural and glowing complexion. Apply the primer, then the lightest eyeshadow in the corner, at the centre of your eye, or on the eyebrow arch, to create desirable light reflections. Use the medium shades for the mobile eyelid and the darker shades to intensify the flick of the eye and lengthen it optically. Apply the lip cream starting from the centre of your upper lip towards the corners and then repeat on the lower lip, this time starting from the corners and working towards the centre.

Choose your finish:

  • Matt lip cream: for a sophisticated velvety effect.
  • Classic lip cream: for full colour and soft lips.
  • Shiny lip cream: for radiant colour with a vinyl effect.
  • Gloss: apply the gloss after the lip cream, in the centre of your lips, for 3D volume. Apply it alone all over your lips to make them ultra-shiny.