discover our post hangover beauty routine


 It's spelled #hangover, it reads “I’m checking out today”! But if your busy schedule can't be ignored and forces you to set foot outside the house even when you've got zero strength... here's our secret to get you back on track!

1️⃣ MOUSSE ME SOFTLY to leave skin clean and moisturised, with 98% naturally derived ingredients.  
2️⃣ GLOW ESSENCE to restore radiance to the face, 89% naturally derived ingredients
3️⃣ NO STRESS to relieve puffy eyes and dark circles, with Hyaluronic Acid, Ash Bark and vitamin B3, 90% naturally derived ingredients
4️⃣ SKIN REHAB for a fresh and rested face, with Pink Grapefruit extract and a prebiotic active ingredient, 96% naturally derived ingredients



Discover the beauty routine for a top body!


Smiling and loving yourself when you look in the mirror, feeling in harmony with your body
Discover the secrets of our beauty routine, with product combos for a top body, whatever shape it is!

💗 SCRUB ME to exfoliate and drain, with Pink Himalayan Salt, cameline extract and natural oils, 98% naturally derived ingredients
💗 RE-SHAPE MY ARMS to remodel and firm, with bearberry extract and Escin, 97% naturally derived ingredients
💗 RE-SHAPE MY BODY to remodel and tone your body, with orange extract, carnitine and Caffeine, 93% naturally derived ingredients.