Find your Vamp! Mascara

How do you like your lashes? Have fun finding out which effect suits you best!

Did you know that our Vamp! Mascara was launched for the first time in 2012 and instantly met with extraordinary success? But this was just the starting point. Starting from that first revolutionary product, PUPA has created a complete line of mascaras to meet all your needs. On this page, we want to introduce you to them all and help you choose the one that's right for you.

The Vamp! Mascara is the iconic mascara by Pupa. It enables you to build intense and huge volume, coat by coat, achieving the spectacular look of false lashes without the hassle of wearing them. Also available in a long-lasting waterproof version.

Applicator: made of fibre with soft, curved bristles for maximum release.

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The iconic Vamp! mascara ein an extraordinary Forever version for huge, exaggerated volume and unsurpassed smudge-proof hold. Perfect lashes, always!

Applicator: The brush, which is curved with soft, dense fibres, picks up the maximum amount of product for ultra-generous, buildable and even volume.

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The new seductive weapon for those who want a dangerously sexy look. The Vamp! Sexy Lashes Mascara volumises, lifts and curls: the lashes look emphasized by amazing curves and a new silhouette.

Applicator: maxi size, made of fibre with an asymmetrical and curved shape for super curled and sculpted lashes.

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Vamp! Explosive Lashes Mascara: the maximum expression of volume for uncompromising excess! It envelops your lashes, thickening them generously like you’ve never seen them before.

Applicator: maxi size, made of fibre with soft, curved bristles for explosive release.

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For those who want a maxi-volume, zero-clump effect with perfectly separated lashes, PUPA has created the Vamp! Definition Mascara. Extraordinary volume and defined lashes are no longer an illusion.

Applicator: made of flexible silicone with a cylindrical shape, comb effect for separated lashes.

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The Vamp! All In One Mascara volumises, curls and lengthens the lashes, stimulating their natural growth thanks to a real fortifying treatment, for irresistible eyes.

Applicator: made of fibre with soft bristles with a tapered cylindrical shape to reach even the shortest lashes.

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Our Vamp! Extreme Mascara covers the lashes thickly from the base to tip, from the very first coat, for a dramatic effect. The eyes are on show, in the spotlight.

Applicator: made of semi-rigid silicone with a curved shape for maximum release.

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