EYEBROW DESIGN SET, by Pupa, comes with all the necessary for the care of your eyebrows.

  1. Setting wax: pigmented, adjustable and non-sticky to create the perfect base. It defines and shapes brows.
  2. Compact powder: colored, silky and lightweight, it perfectly clings to the wax and fills brows in.  
  3. Professional tweezers: to remove excess brows.
  4. Double applicator, angled brush+comb: to apply wax and powder and to give brows a nice shape.

Three shades available, to match blond, brown and black hair.

Low risk of allergies
Dermatologist tested

Made in Italy

The Setting Wax contains special Pigments and Lightweight Esters, which make the texture very light, non-sticky, with a perfectly adjustable color.
Enriched with Vitamin E, which has anti-oxidant qualities.
The Colored Powder contains special Polymers and Spherical Powders that make the texture silky, very light and perfectly clinging to brows to shape them flawlessly with a long lasting effect.   

Low risk of allergies
Dermatologist tested

Remove excess brows with tweezers.
Draw the desired eyebrow arch with the pigmented wax, using the angled brush.
Color and fill in brow arch with powder using the angled brush: use its flat side for a thick line and the angled side for a thin one.
And as a last step, use the comb to blend powder and shape brows.  

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