Wearing a mask has become a daily habit, but who says we can't keep wearing make-up? You just need to choose the right products!

Feather-effect lightweight textures and formulas with exceptional hold, for make-up that stays even-looking over time. These are the key characteristics of a Mask Friendly product.

Discover everything Pupa has to offer for recreating your make-up look and staying beautiful even when wearing a mask!


Primer is without a doubt the must-have product for mask-friendly face make-up.
Try Prime Me which perfects and visibly evens out the skin’s texture, making it smooth and velvety, or Natural Side Primer, with 98.5% ingredients of natural origin. Use them on their own or apply them before foundation, to significantly improve its hold.

Be amazed by Wonder Me, the ideal foundation to wear under a mask. Its fresh and ultra-lightweight texture has a humidity and water-resistant formula that stays flawless over time. You’ll be amazed at how flawless your face is when you take off your mask!

To correct dark circles and signs of tiredness, choose the perfect hold offered by the Sport Addicted concealer.. Thanks to its sweat-proof formula, it also resists humidity caused by mask-wearing.

Fix your face make-up and mattify your skin with the Prime Me loose powder, it is ultra-transfer-resistant and offers a completely natural effect.

Finally, significantly improve your make-up’s hold with the Sport Addicted fixing spray which not only gives the finishing touch but provides a pleasant fresh sensation.


Red, fuchsia, coral, nude... who says you have to stop wearing lipstick with a mask? Made to Last Lip Duo ensures full colour and a vinyl effect, staying perfect over time even when wearing a mask!

If you prefer a matt effect, choose the Long-lasting Lip Fluid: its liquid texture provides full, defined colour with perfect hold.

When you’re not wearing lipstick, remember to regularly moisturise your lips. Prolonged use of masks causes dehydration and dryness. We recommend the Sport Addicted Lip Balm: it moisturises your lips deep down and gives a delicate touch of colour.


We’ve learned how to smile with our eyes! Wearing masks means our eyes take centre-stage; however, often the humidity caused by mask-wearing puts our eye make-up’s hold to the test. That’s why it’s vital to choose the right products.

Start with an excellent base and apply the Prime Me eye primers; they even out skin colour and increase the make-up’s hold.

For the rest of your make-up, choose long-lasting and waterproof formulas. Choose your favourite colour from the Made to Last stick eyeshadows or the Vamp! Extreme; cream-powder eyeshadows; their waterproof formulations ensure excellent hold over time.
Emphasise your eyes with the Made to Last Definition Eyes, Sport Addicted Waterproof Liner and Really Waterproof pencils or with the eyeliner Made to Last or Vamp! Professional eyeliners, all strictly long-lasting and water-resistant.

Give your lashes some character and intensify them with a mascara: choose the waterproof and humidity-resistant version of the iconic Vamp! mascara or the Sport Addicted mascara with its unbelievably sweat-proof formula.

Finally, to truly smile with your eyes, sculpt and define your brows by choosing your favourite intensity level from our large selection of waterproof textures.

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