Vamp! Sexy Lashes 011 – Sexy Black
Give your lashes an extremely sensual look with Vamp! Sexy Lashes, an irresistible seductive weapon for dangerously sexy eyes. Volumises, lifts and curls: the lashes look emphasized by amazing curves and a new gravity-defying silhouette. 

The maxi fibre brush with a curved shape ensures generous release and the long bristles at the base carry out a mechanical curling action.

Low allergy risk
Ophthalmologically tested
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
Paraben Free
Made in Italy

6M | Net Wt 0.40 oz – 12 ml

Vamp! Lipstick 301 – Intense Red
A soft formula that embraces without being invasive, combining total glide with incredible comfort.
The incredible pure and deep colour allows the lips to take centre stage.
Enriched with a special plumping active ingredient for fuller, remodelled and defined lips.
Self-evaluation tests. 30 individuals. 30 days of application.

Clinically and Dermatologically tested
Paraben Free
Made in Italy

24M | Net Wt 0.123 oz – 3,5 ml

Messenger bag in hammered fabric.

Vamp! Sexy Lashes
The mix of natural waxes - Organic Beeswax and Carnauba Wax - ensures instant extreme volume. The innovative «Lash Sculptor» crosspolymer emphasizes the curve for a “push up” curl effect. The special film-forming resin keeps the lashes perfectly lifted and curved for flawless durability. The high percentage of extra black micro pigments guarantees an intense and instant colour release from the very first application. The Organic Shea Butter, with nourishing properties, envelops the lashes without weighing them down, keeping them supple and flexible.

Vamp! Lipstick
The presence of innovative ingredients allows the texture to adhere perfectly with total comfort.
The special active ingredient stimulates the sebocytes present in the lips and the lipids that are produced in them. This provides hydration and shine to better define the lip outline.

Vamp! Sexy Lashes
Start from the base of the lashes and comb them lengthways with vertical movements, from the roots to the tips. For more intense volume, make zig zag movements at the base of the lashes. Use the tip of the applicator to also reach the shorter lashes. If you want to intensify your eyes further, apply mascara also on the lower lashes.

Vamp! Lipstick
Apply the lipstick starting from the centre of your upper lip towards the corners and then repeat on the lower lip, this time starting from the corners and working towards the centre.