Vamp! Nail Polish
Kit 001 – 106 Soft Ivory – 113 Stylish Lilac
Kit 002 – 203 Sensual Red – 205 Erotic Red
Kit 003 – 102 Feminine Pink – 202 Carnal Red

Vamp! is the nail polish with the same fragrances as Vamp! Eau de Parfum, for delicately scented nails with a seductive gel effect. The unique texture offers a three-dimensional plumping effect with extreme shine. For volumised nails with a uniform and ultra-shiny colour film, which is exceptionally resistant to chipping. The high concentration of fragrance in the formula gives nails a delicate and long-lasting scent, which is revealed when the nail polish is dry. The packaging is a miniature version of Vamp! Eau de Parfum and imitates the iconic shape of Vamp! Mascara. The flat-shaped fan brush applicator - with 300 rounded bristles - and ridged undercap guarantee smooth and easy application and consistent, controlled colour release. 

Free from: toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and camphor
Dermatologically tested
Paraben free
Made in Italy

Crossbody phone bag in hammered fabric.

24M (.3 fl oz - 9 ml) x 2

Vamp! Nail Polish
The special resins and high concentration of nitrocellulose allow for an extremely shiny finish and a full and uniform colour film with three-dimensional volume, comparable to semi-permanent nail polish. The plasticisers make the nail polish exceptionally resistant to chipping and offer long-lasting shine. The high concentration of perfume in the form of essence, perfectly balanced with the formula, ensures a delicate and long-lasting fragrance.

Kit 001 – 202 Carnal Red – 205 Erotic Red
Kit 002 – 119 Cotton White – 104 Romantic Rose
Kit 003 – 106 Soft Ivory– 203 Sensual Red


Vamp! Nail Polish
Apply Vamp! Base & Top coat to protect the nails and increase the hold of Vamp! Nail Polish.
Apply a coat of Vamp! Nail Polish.
Apply Vamp! Base & Top Coat to emphasise shine, plumping effect, hold and perfume.
Allow each coat to dry perfectly. 
The fragrance is revealed when the nail colour and base & top coat have dried.