Velvety Potion 150 ml
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Pupa’s VISO DI VELLUTO is a soft and comfortable emulsion for total facial beauty. 3 actions in a single treatment. Maximum practicality. Use as a daily moisturising face cream, moisturising mask, gentle make-up remover for face and eyes, and hydrating lip treatment. Why fill up your toiletry bag if you only need one product?

For all skin types
Low allergy risk
Dermatologically tested
Paraben free
Made in Italy


6M 150 ml / 5.07 fl oz

Hyaluronic acid traps water for a powerful hydrating action. Nutrients from black orchid extract offer wellbeing and relief.

As a moisturising face cream, apply a thin layer to clean skin, both morning and evening.
As a moisturising mask, apply a generous layer to the whole face, leave to work for 5-10 minutes and remove any excess product with a tissue. As a gentle make-up remover for face and eyes, apply with a cotton pad, no need to rinse. As a lip treatment, apply a thin layer as needed during the day and a double layer before going to bed for overnight treatment.