An innovative clean formula made only from functional elements and 89% naturally-derived ingredients. 

Contains 5% Mandelic Acid, a highly effective alpha hydroxy acid which is not irritating or photosensitive to the skin, making it ideal in any season. Glow Essence is a real must-have in your daily beauty routine to restore brightness to the face and minimise impurities and small wrinkles.  

The prebiotic active ingredient ensures optimal microbiota balance for healthy skin.

97% of individuals who used Glow Essence noticed that their skin was brighter. 
87% noted a reduction in imperfections. 

Self-evaluation test for 28 days on 30 individuals.
Clinically and dermatologically tested
Tested on a multi-ethnic panel
Nickel tested
No animal derivatives
Paraben free
Made in Italy

12M 150 ml e - 5.07 fl oz

The technology of nature at the service of beauty: 

Mandelic Acid - eudermic and delicate alpha hydroxy acid, it selectively exfoliates by removing only dead cells. It smoothes the skin texture and prepares it for subsequent treatments. 
Betaine and Erythritol - ensure optimal hydration. 
Prebiotic Active Ingredient - ensures optimal microbiota balance for healthy skin.

Dab the Glow Essence daily onto cleansed face with a cotton pad. Day after day, your face will restore its radiance and even appearance. 

Discover the correct manual techniques in the Skin Guides. 

The ingredients list is constantly updated. However, please refer to the formula stated on the products packaging.


Change is not a choice, it is a necessity. We are constantly studying alternative solutions to reduce our impact and be more respectful of the environment:

Bottle made with 100% recycled post-consumer plastic 
100% recyclable with plastic recycling collection

Box made with FSC-certified paper that ensures responsible forest management
100% recyclable with paper recycling collection