An innovative serum with a clean formula made only from functional elements and 95% naturally-derived ingredients. 

The high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid performs an extraordinary moisturising action in the epidermis. An innovative booster increases the synthesis of naturally present Hyaluronic Acid, ensuring the maintenance of hydration over time. 

The Prebiotic Active Ingredient ensures optimal microbiota balance for healthy skin. 

Hyalu Shots is ideal for all skin types and, when used consistently, it minimises fine lines in addition to ensuring optimal hydration. 
93% of individuals who used Hyalu Shots found that their skin was instantly more hydrated.
100% of individuals claimed to have more radiant skin and 97% noticed that it was softer.

Instrumental tests:
15% improvement in skin hydration after 28 days 

Tests carried out for 28 days on 30 individuals. 

Clinically and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin 
Tested on a multi-ethnic panel
Nickel tested
Free from animal derivatives
Paraben free
Made in Italy


9M 30 ml e - 1.01fl oz

The technology of nature at the service of beauty: 

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid - manages to retain large amounts of water - a real hydration booster! 
Prebiotic Active Ingredient - ensures optimal microbiota balance for healthy skin.

Apply 3-4 drops of Hyalu Shots every morning on your face and neck for a waterfall of hydration every day.

Discover in the dedicated Skin Guide the application massage that will make the treatment even more effective.

The ingredients list is constantly updated. However, please refer to the formula stated on the products packaging.


Change is not a choice, it is a necessity. We are constantly studying alternative solutions to reduce our impact and be more respectful of the environment:  

Bottle made with 60% recycled post-consumer glass 
100% recyclable with glass recycling collection

Box made with FSC-certified paper that ensures responsible forest management

100% recyclable with paper recycling collection