Formulated with Sun Booster. Stimulates the natural production of melanin in each layer of the epidermis, even when there is no sun**.
Does not contain sunscreen.
**In vitro test. DHA free.

CLEAN FORMULA: only functional and necessary ingredients.


95% naturally derived raw ingredients

Disposable with plastic collection.

FSC CARDBOARD - Disposable with paper collection.

Clinically and dermatologically tested
Paraben free
Made in Italy


12M 200 ml - 6.76 fl oz

Preparer: when applied daily in the period before sun exposure, it prepares the skin for tanning by evening out the complexion. 

Accelerator: when applied before sunscreen, it stimulates and intensifies melanin production for an intense and even colour in less time.

Extender/After sun: when applied daily after sun exposure or after returning to the city, it preserves and prolongs your tan. Enriched with Shea Butter to prevent peeling.  

PRE-SUN: apply the cream on face and body in the days leading up to sun exposure for a healthy, tanned appearance even without the sun. It prepares the skin and creates a base tan, preventing any sun damage.

IN THE SUN: apply on face and body before sunbathing. Combine with a Pupa sunscreen suitable for your phototype. Ultra-fast tanning.

AFTER SUN: apply daily on cleansed face and body, both after sun exposure and when you return from your holiday to maintain your golden colour.

Also an ideal moisturising cream to reduce peeling.

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Disposable with plastic collection