All the products Pupa Multifunction

  • Super After-Sun Cream

    Face, body and hair. It makes your suntan last longer.  Nourishing, restoring and soothing, with a cooling effect. 


    Face, neck and décolletage. Refreshing and soothing, also ideal as a repairing mask.

  • Super Tan Activator 3 in 1

    Prepares, accelerates, prolongs suntan on face and body.

  • Super Milk Spray Intensive Tanning SPF 15

    Intensive Tanning Milk for Face and Body.
    Tanned and protected. A nice way to soak up the sun! 

  • Super Spray Invisible Tanning SPF 15

    For body, face, hair and scalp.
    Tanned and protected. What a nice way to get a suntan! 

  • Super Cream Intensive Tanning SPF 30

    A sun protection product for face, body, lips, hair and scalp.
    Tanned and protected skin. What a great way to soak up the sun!